Who should come?


Single and/or Sharing

A recent survey showed that 81% of the people that go to Ceroc in the UK come on their own. We therefore expect that there will be a lot of people that want to book on their own.

We are therefore offering single and sharing options, whereby you can book into an apartment by yourself (see accommodation booking references C1,, K1, M1 & R1), or you can pay for yourself in either a  classic and we will match you up with someone else of the same sex in a 3 bedroom apartment. (see accommodation booking references W3).

We will not be able to pass you details of that person until the event as this would be in breach of data protection.


Single, sharing in a Classic

'Early Bird' Prices £99 ~ Slo Bird' Price £109 ~ "Dodo Bird' Price £119
Better standard of accommodation than Budget and nearer to the entertainment. Colour TV, 1 bedroom plus sofa bed in the living room. bathroom with shower. Metered electricity.

Booking reference W3
Who gets the bed and who gets the sofa bed in the living room?
This will be for the two of you to fight it out, but in reality we suspect it will be whoever gets to the room first will decide. Keys will be available for both of you.


Bring a Friend

At this event we are creating an opportunity for people to bring their non-dance friends who can enjoy some of the other activities available such as golf, horse riding, windsurfing etc.
(These are off site and are subject to local charges), however, we will also be hosting 6 workshops for complete beginners and beginner improvers throughout the weekend. (See below..)



Complete Beginners

Even if you have never set foot in a Ceroc venue in your life this is the place for you to learn how to dance. In addition to the many advanced workshops this weekend, Ceroc has not forgotten its roots and we will hosting workshops specifically designed for beginners. These workshops will be intense, fast-track, progressive, dynamic and totally rewarding.  On Saturday and Sunday there will be 6 beginners¹ sessions in total, each of which will last for 1hour.  In each session you will learn 4 beginners moves and then have time to practice what you have learnt.  There are a total of 18 beginners moves and therefore by the end of the weekend you will have been taught, and been able to practice all of them. 


Intermediate Dancers

There are a wide range of workshops that will be perfectly suitable for the intermediate dancer. All the style workshops will certainly help to smooth off any rough edges you may have . The dips, lean and seducers workshops will add some 'va va vroom' to your repertoire.
Also the Dance Adventure workshops will show you some specialist stuff you can use to 'wow' your friends back at your local venue! Also the hours of concentrated freestyle available at this event will hone your skills, and you will definitely have improved as an all round dancers after this weekend.


Advanced Dancers

At this event there will be some really demanding and creative workshops that will appeal to the most advanced dancers.

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