2016 Masterclasses


These are classes with a maximum capacity of people in fixed couples (with the exception of Ladies styling) and have been put in place for those people really hoping to master the arts of the dances and styles billed.

As there is a maximum capacity these are workshops rather than classes which will offer interaction with the teachers and the opportunity for direct feedback and are pre-bookable at the Weather Centre in the Main Complex at a charge of £5 per head upon arrival on-site.


Saturday Ladies Styling 1 - 10.45am - 11.45am & Sunday Ladies Styling 2 - 2.30pm - 3.30pm (All - Ladies Only)

Becki Rendell

With a background in many styles of dance from Ceroc to Salsa, Becki oozes style and poise. This weekend she is teaching 2 Ladies Styling masterclasses containing different material to help you move gracefully and stylishly.

1 - Top - Toe Basics & Posture, Ceroc Rock Back Step with Latin Style, Spare Arms and Combinations, Shoulders, Hips and Hand Movements.

2 - Top to Toe Basics & Posture, Spinning & Spotting, Ronde from Spins, Stylish Walks & Solo Footwork Patterns. It is not necessary to complete Ladies Styling 1 to participate in this Masterclass

Solo Ladies only


Saturday 12pm - 1pm - Secrets of Connection (Int and above)

Sunday 12pm - 1pm Zouk Intro (All)

Ekow Oduro & Sarve Didar


Saturday 1.15pm - 2.15pm
Nigel Anderson & Nina Daines - Blues 'Hit the Break'

Sunday 5pm - 6pm

Blues Showstoppers

Top UK Dancers and Teachers, Nigel and Nina have a reputation so impressive on the MJ and Swing scene that they are continually sought after. Co-Creators of Swinging the Blues, Beach Boogie and the Rockbottom weekenders their teaching portfolio is vast ranging from Lindy, MJ and Boogie Woogie and most notably Blues. Having won many competitions including a number of Showcase categories these 2 have got lots to share! Social Blues is one thing - thats the close intimate totally connected dance we do in the Blues Lounge. In these 2 masterclasses Nigel & Nina are getting you comeptition ready to bring out your inner musicality and hone that performance technique by making it showy! Suitable for experienced Blues Dancers

Saturday 2.30pm - 3.30pm
Tim Sant - Fierce Footwork (Adv)

Get your feet moving in unison with your partner to create some great patterns! Learn the footwork and develop your frame and connection to ensure you can lead / follow footwork too. (Int+)


Saturday 3.45pm - 4.45pm


Steve Thomas - Silc Connection (Int)


Get that SILC styling sorted and 2nd nature! The connection in this style is key and will improve your Ceroc dancing too. Find your core, use your body and become a smooth, efficient leader and follower.

Saturday 5pm - 6pm


Kirstie & Shaun -Spin-tresting (Int+)


This masterclass covers the fundamental elements that will assist both men and ladies with their spins and jazz up your dancing. It includes a variety of smooth & funky moves based around spins 7 turns. Int+

Sunday 1.15pm - 2.15pm

Richard & Zoe Beauvoisin - Wow Moves (Adv)

Learn some impressive moves to get you seen on the dance-floor! Perfect for competitions and performances too!

Sunday 3.45pm - 4.45pm

Caine & Danni - Scrolls (Int+)


This masterclass will get you travelling along the slot, creating momentum and dynamism as you go, whilst keeping perfect control of your partner.

David & Lily Barker - Aerials Sunday 6.15pm - 7.15pm (Adv)

Former World Champion Aerial Pros, David & Lily are the go to people for competitors looking to get that wow factor. Join them on Sunday evening for this vertigo inducing aerials class and learn from the Pros. Prepare for lift off!


Sunday 6.15pm - 7.15pm


Toni Sails - Contemporary Fusion (Adv)

Toni runs the new Sunday night ToneZ in Putney where he has already developed his own style. Fused with a little Zouk and Contemporary movement, this masterclass with help you add movement, stretch & space into your dance which will inevitably develop your style.

Int+ - Adv Dancers

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