About the Event

What does my purchase entail.

Your purchase includes admission to freestyles, workshops and accommodation. Admission to freestyles and workshops is controlled by gender identified wrist bands as specified in your purchase. (For more information see FAQ's). Accommodation is allocated based on your requirements as specified in your purchase. To find out more about different accommodation types click here to view full list.

Master Classes, 'Well Being' and some activites require a separate purchase (at resort).

This weekend event incorporates the The Fifth UK Open Blues Championships

Come with friends or take the ‘Chalet Share’ option and join the hundreds of other dancers travelling on their own.

Maybe bring a non-dance friend who can enjoy the other off site activities available such as golf, horse-riding, wind surfing etc*.
(Separate terms and conditions apply - off centre in local area at extra cost).

We aim to make this event truly memorable, you’ll be hard pushed to find any weekend with so much on offer at this price.

  • 34 varied and exciting workshops
  • Teachers from across the Country
  • Many different dance styles taught
  • 3 different rooms playing different styles of music
  • DJ’s from across the country
  • Over 50 hours of freestyle
  • Large gathering of Ceroc teachers
  • Karaoke
  • Pub Quiz
  • Video Clinic
  • Massage/Zumba/Swimming
  • Varied merchandise
  • On line booking with immediate email confirmation.
  • Gender ratio balanced booking system*.


* The gender balancing is reliant on the people that actually book to turn up. Any girls booking apartments which include men where the men don't show are not only being selfish, but also may face possible restrictions at future events.

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