Linen and Towels

Important information regarding linen and towels: Your booking does not include linen and towels and therefore these will not be provided in your accommodation. However, Pontin's can provide linen which can be purchased from their reception.

New Check-in time for this event.

Registration/Check-in time changes:
Registration for 'Club' bookers will commence from 3.00pm onwards.

(NEW).....Registration for 'Classic (Inc Classic Plus if applicable)' bookers will commence from 4.00pm onwards.

Registration for 'Budget' bookers will commence from 5.00pm onwards*

*Budget bookers Check-in time will continue to be 5pm as Pontins can only guarantee that Club and Classic type chalets will have been turned around by 3pm and 4pm respectively.


Tickets will be on sale

Booking System: OPENING SOON.


 Breeze Weekender on sale now

2016 Pontins Brean Sands Weekend Prices from £80 for 3 nights
Book early to take advantage of our Special Prices Early Bird Discounts available.

This event incorporates the Third UK Blues Open Championships. Viewing is free.


Deal of the Week

Six people sharing a Classic 2 bedroom apartment, bath with shower and metered electricity.
£81 per person (E6)


Buy The DVD

Buy DVDs of previous weekenders at WWW.CEROC.COM


View and Buy the Photographs

Currently under review.

Ceroc are hosting a dance weekender with accommodation for over 1500 dancers and full to the brim with workshops, parties, entertainment and of course hours of freestyle.....

With over 34 varied workshops there will be endless opportunities for dancers of all levels to inject some pure style into their dancing, so whether you're advanced, intermediate or even a beginner this will be a fun and rewarding weekend.


Chalet Share

Come with friends or take the Chalet Share option and join the hundreds of other dancers travelling on their own. Maybe bring a non-dance friend who can enjoy the other off site activities available such as golf, horse-riding, wind surfing etc.* (* Separate terms and conditions apply - off centre in local area at extra cost).


Gender Restriction

We may restricted female bookings as we are managing the gender mix at this event - please see booking information for full details and refer to FAQ's on how you can book as a lady.

Ladies booking mixed apartments where the number of men or women are equal will always be accepted.

The gender balancing is reliant on the people that actually book to turn up. Any girls booking apartments which include men where the men don't show are not only being selfish, but also may face possible restrictions at future events.


This event has sold out in the last two years.

Please visit the Message board if you are looking for someone to share with or fill your apartment,  or if you are looking to sell your apartment.

 The last event attracted 1500 dancers!
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