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Important information regarding linen and towels: Your booking does not include linen and towels and therefore these will not be provided in your accommodation. However, Pontin's can provide linen which can be purchased from their reception.

Breeze 14th - 16th Oct 2016
Pricing and Dates of Tarrif Changes
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Early Bird
Slo Bird
Reg Bird
8th Jan - 10th Apr 2016
11th Apr - 13th Jul 2016
14th Jul - 16th Oct 2016
Apartment Occupancy Prices From Occupancy Prices From Occupancy Prices From
  Early Bird Slo Bird Dodo Bird
Budget Single and Sharing (W3) £80.00 Single and Sharing (W3) £88.00 Single and Sharing (W3) £99.00
Budget 2 Sharing (A2) £99.00 2 Sharing (A1) £109.00 2 Sharing (A1) £119.00
Classic 5 Sharing (E5) £95.00 5 Sharing £105.00 5 Sharing £115.00
Classic Plus 5 Sharing (J5) £115.00 5 Sharing £125.00 5 Sharing £135.00
Club 4 Sharing(L4) £94.00 4 Sharing £105.00 4 Sharing £115.00
To find out more information on how to book, click here (Booking are subject to our Terms and Conditions)
A 'twin' room comprises two single beds.
The 'Ref Column': the letter refers to the type of accommodation and the number refers to the occupancy level (i.e. 'H4' is an H type apartment = Classic 2 bedroom, for 4 people to share).

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Parking is free at Breeze as there are plenty of spaces. We would still urge you to car share.



We are offering a number of discounts to people that book early - see price information for exact dates and conditions.


Booking Alterations

If you need to make any amendments to an existing booking, please call the Breeze hotline 07914 224799.

If you have sold your apartment, we do not need to know the name change, the buyer simply needs to use the exsting group leaders name when they register.


Ceroc Crew

There maybe discounts available for Ceroc teachers, Taxi Dancers, DJ's and crew. The details are available on the Ceroc intranet site (, please contact your Ceroc franchisee for a user id and password if you don't already have one. Please note that discounts or refunds cannot be applied retrospectively, and therefore please read the intranet before you book.


Terms and Conditions

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Cancellation Policy

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On-Line Bookings: 

There are more accommodation options available when you book on line.

Accommodation: Five levels of self-catering accommodation are available. All apartments have an open plan kitchen and lounge area with double bed settee. Pans, dishes and utensils provided. Bedrooms have a combination of twin, single or for larger groups bunk beds.

All correspondence will be sent to the group leader only.



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